2016 Food Valley Award Now Open for Entries

There are many benefits to being shortlisted for the Food Valley Award (aside from the chance to win the award!). These advantages include: national and international recognition, an independent assessment of your innovation by a panel of judges, and wide media coverage. Winners and nominees from previous years tell us they continue to reap benefits from having competed for the Food Valley Award, the most prestigious innovation prize in the Dutch agro-food industry. The 12th edition of the award is now open for entries. The deadline for entry (submission form and full description) is May 15, 2016.

The Award
Benefits for winners of the Food Valley Award include:

New global contacts
In 2015, Peeze Coffee Roasters received the Food Valley Award for their biodegradable coffee capsules filled with fair trade Arabica coffee. After winning the award, Peeze’s Managing Director Timmo Terpstra said, “Internationally, the Food Valley Award is a prestigious prize. Winning it has given our company a real boost and has generated a lot of publicity for our biodegradable coffee capsules, both in the Netherlands and abroad. We’ve gained many new global contacts with prospective customers and investors.”

Winners and nominees continue to benefit from their entry in the Food Valley Award for years afterwards.

The shortlist and the ultimate winner are chosen by an independent panel of judges. The panel assesses the entries for their innovativeness and economic feasibility. Other criteria the judges may apply are: originality and the degree of collaboration involved in developing the innovation.

Enter or recommend an innovation
Go to www.foodvalleyaward.nl to submit your own innovation or recommend someone else’s. The website also has more information on submissions, the criteria, the judges’ panel, and previous award-winning and shortlisted innovations. The deadline for entry (submission form and full description) is May 15, 2016.

The winner of the Food Valley Award will be revealed during the Food Valley Expo in Wageningen on October 13, 2016.