Agtech Innovation Tour, 12 Oct

The AGTECH innovation tour visits three highly-innovative agrotechnology companies and carries on to the Plant Research Institute in Wageningen The KeyGene Greenhouse Experience gives you the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes at their robotized and automated Greenhouse Facility. You’ll see a fully-automated plant-handling operation, where plant growth and plant traits are digitally photographed, analyzed, measured and characterized.

On you go to Dutch Sprouts and their inspiring belief and commitment to helping solve the world food gap by providing farmers with the means to ensure sustainable yields. Dutch Sprouts will show some of their approaches that are ‘turning dreams into realities’: their SoilCares Golden Standard Lab combined with their Global Soil Database, their Lab-in-a-box – a compact, highly-transportable lab as accurate as traditional wet chemistry soil analysis, and their SoilCares Scanner that provides real-time, on-site measurement of N, P, K, organic matter and pH.

Solynta’s F1 hybrid breeding technology allows rapid development of new products. It impacts every step in the potato production chain and is seen by many as a paradigm shift. You will have the chance to engage with the inventors themselves.

Finally, your visit to the Wageningen UR Plant Science Group will bring you up to speed on:

Excellent combination with a visit to the Food Valley Expo the next day, October 13th.

Ticket information
Ticket per tour € 225,- per person. All prices VAT excluded, lunch and drinks included.

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