B-Mex’s smart tool for sustainable cultivation of greenhouse crops, Start-up Plaza

Creating an easy, user-friendly web-application to help greenhouse growers make informed decisions about sustainable production and just-in-time delivery. This is Fokke Buwalda’s mission. The founder of B-Mex, pitching at the Food Valley Expo’s Start-up Plaza, 13 October, explains why he left academia to become an entrepreneur.

“Working as an academic researcher, I noticed a real gap between understanding what plants need to grow optimally and how to apply this understanding, day-by-day in the greenhouse. I could see how I might build a tool to bridge that knowledge gap.

‘Green fingers’
Growers often trust their ‘green fingers’ to bring success. This can get them a long way, but choosing a solution that takes into account all the factors that affect the growth of plants, is incredibly difficult – just like predicting the precise moment when plants are ready to be delivered to the customer.

Smart decisions
Our web- based application will help growers of potted plants, greenhouse vegetables and cut flowers make smart decisions about sustainable, energy-efficient production – for example when buying CO2 or increasing greenhouse temperature to prevent botrytis – while ensuring just-in-time delivery and meeting product quality specs. It will also save them significant amounts of time, allowing them to focus on business rather than climate control. Our first customer pilots have been real successes.

Food Valley Expo
I am looking forward to the Food Valley Expo on Thursday 13 October, and I feel honored to be one of the 27 start-up companies pitching. I expect pitching at the Start-up Plaza will put us in the limelight with our target market and unearth some new collaboration partners.”