Chain achievements Rijk Zwaan awarded | Science2Business | 12 Oct

Rijk Zwaan received last week the Grüner Merkur award. The vegetable breeding company was honored with this prestigious accolade in recognition of its achievements in boosting the fresh produce category.  According to the jury, Rijk Zwaan demonstrates how collaboration throughout the entire vegetable chain can support the development of successful products.

Win-win situations
“In the past 20 years we have built up many long-lasting partnerships around the world, and we always strive for win-win situations,” says Jan Doldersum, Manager Marketing & Business Development. “We’re extremely proud to receive the Grüner Merkur and see this recognition by the sector as extra encouragement to proceed in the same manner. We intend to continue working together with our partners in the future to develop healthy and appealing products and hence contribute to increasing global vegetable consumption.”

Rijk Zwaan has a strong focus on innovation; the family-owned company takes a long-term approach and invests approximately 30% of its revenue in research and development each year. “Rijk Zwaan repeatedly succeeds in launching innovative products which boost the sector as a whole and help to broaden the category. Hence, Rijk Zwaan is doing the industry a great service,” concluded the jury.

At Science2Business Jan Doldersum will highlight Rijk Zwaan’s efforts to develop traits for flavour and nutritious vegetables. He will furthermore share business examples how co-branding can support product introduction and create a clear and recognisable product on the retail shelf.

Science2Business will highlight recent developments in the field of health and nutrition | The tasty and nutritious future | Monday 12 October>