Dairy and Water Technology Innovation Tour, 12 Oct

This tour, organized in cooperation with the Foreign Direct Investment Agri&Food and N.V. NOM – Investerings- en Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij voor Noord-Nederland, concentrates on companies in the dairy and water industries in the North of the Netherlands. At the Watercampus  you are in the most inspiring waterhub in Europe; a place where the collaboration between Science, Education and Business is creating leading-edge innovations in water treatment, resource recovery and remote sensing. The Dairy Campus is the place where ‘the cream’ of the milk and dairy chains are working together. This unique location, created in the north of the Netherlands, hosts 500 dairy cattle, over 300 hectares of land, and custom-built training and conference facilities. Dairy Campus is an inspiring meeting place for anyone involved in the dairy sector.

The tour will end with a visit to VitaSquare. VitaSquare specialize in small batch spray drying and encapsulation. They have a unique, babyfood-grade, upscalable production plant, which allows them to co-create optimal ingredients solutions with their clients. VitaSquare aims to be your partner of choice for, amongst others, small-scale production needs, the development of new products, and test marketing of new ingredients and products. They take responsibility for the whole process, delivering the best possible service.

Excellent combination with a visit to the Food Valley Expo the next day, October 13th.

Ticket information
Ticket per tour € 225,- per person. All prices VAT excluded, lunch and drinks included.

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