Demo city farming by Priva and Philips Horticulture | Expo Floor

Growing vegetables no longer depends on sunlight. Energy-efficient LEDs make growing crops in closed environments possible. This creates new opportunities for city farming. Priva and Philips Horticulture will demonstrate city farming at the Food Valley Expo Floor.

LED lighting has many benefits for greenhouse growers. Traditionally, greenhouse crops got supplemental lighting in winter to compensate for the lack of sunlight. This extra light came from high-pressure sodium lamps. However, these are energy-inefficient and provide a much wider light spectrum than plants need to grow. LEDs on the other hand, provide plants with an energy-efficient, optimum color composition.

City farming uses LED technology in climate-controlled chambers and will create a revolution in horticulture. Crops can be grown in closed environments. Empty warehouses, office buildings and metro systems can be repurposed for growing fruit and vegetables in urban environments.

New Crops and City Farming, Disruptive Agro Food Innovations
Arjen van Tunen | CEO KeyGene
Gus van der Feltz | Global Director City Farming Philips Horticulture