Demo Noldus FaceReader | Expo Floor

Noldus Information Technology will demonstrate FaceReader at Food Valley Expo. The toolset automatically analyzes facial expressions, head orientation, gaze direction, action units, and personal characteristics such as age and gender. FaceReader has proven very useful for optimizing food product launches.

FaceReader reads and reports on participants’ responses to commercials, ads and products. The technology describes the distribution of emotions in a 2D circular space, containing arousal and valence dimensions. With this information about preferences and appreciation, researchers can improve products, but also public health campaigns. Information about the level of appreciation also makes it  possible to make healthy products more appealing.

“The flop rate of new food products is extremely high,” says Lucas Noldus, founder and CEO of Noldus Information Technology. “You can boost your innovation success rate tremendously if you know how consumers are going to respond. Our technology can give you that insight. We know from experience how to use technology to gather reliable data.”

Come and experience FaceReader yourself at Food Valley Expo.