Dutch Agri Food Week 12 to 25 October 2016

The second-ever Dutch Agri Food Week will be taking place from 12 to 25 October this year. The event provides a platform for showcasing food, food production and food innovation which goes by the motto, ‘Good Food Better World’. In addition to promoting innovation and exchanging know-how, more than anything, the event is all about enjoying good, healthy food.

Dutch Agri Food Week is an annual event that takes place in October on and around World Food Day. During the event, farmers, businesses in the supply and processing chain, retailers, public bodies and scientists from all over the Netherlands will come together to find out how they might contribute towards safe, healthy and appetising food and what is necessary in the supply chain – from crop to tabletop – in order to achieve this. By throwing open its doors – quite literally – and demonstrating transparency, the food sector is aiming to intensify its ties with a wider public. Dutch Agri Food Week is intended for anyone with an interest in food and food innovation, both as a professional and a consumer.

Theme for Dutch Agri Food Week 2016: ‘food and health’
The motto for Dutch Agri Food Week is ‘Good Food Better World’. All innovations aim to produce safe, healthy and appetising food in a proper way, with respect for the environment and animal welfare, through more economical use of raw materials, intelligent application of technology and increased transparency with respect to methods of production. In this way we will be contributing towards to a more resilient world, with healthy people, where there is enough food for everyone.

Based around the motto ‘Good Food Better World’, the theme recurrent throughout the 2016 event will be food and health. Discussions and presentations relating to current practices and innovations in the field of nutrition will take place by means of conference sessions, events, innovation tours for businesses, workshops and festivals: healthy production of low-salt, low-fat food; the addition of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy into old age and alternatives such as veggie chips and high-fibre burgers and ‘custom-made food’ for all. From scientific research and processing, entrepreneurship and finished products to education for kids. All this can be seen and experienced during Dutch Agri Food Week.

Highlights of the Dutch Agri Food Week 2015

The first Dutch Agri Food Week was held in 2015. Around 40 individual events attracted 17,000 visitors from 20 different countries. Some highlights from last year:

Growing platform
Dutch Agri Food Week is an initiative of the Topsector Agri & Food with Food Valley NL and the agrifood and horticultural regions AgriFood Capital, Greenport Westland – Oostland and Brightlands Greenport Venlo. Dutch Agri Food Week is being organised for the second time in 2016. It is a collaborative event and has the ambition to become the national platform for the agrifood sector.

About the sector
The Dutch agrifood sector has been earmarked by the Dutch government as one of its key economic sectors. Businesses, public institutions and centres of excellence are working in this sector to promote (food) innovation.

The Netherlands is one of the most innovative agrifood countries in the world. International research has singled out the Netherlands as the best ‘food country’ in the world, with the most varied, healthy, affordable and nutritious food (Oxfam Novib, 2014). There is extensive interest being shown in Dutch know-how and technology worldwide with respect to sustainable, healthy and safe food production.

The agrifood and horticultural sector is comprised of 157,000 companies with 737,000 employees. The sector provides €53 billion in added value and, with a share of 10% of the national income and employment, is the largest manufacturing sector in the Netherlands. With an export value of €74 billion, it is the world’s largest exporter of food, knowledge and technology second only to the United States.

More information: www.dutchagrifoodweek.nl