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Nysingh advocaten – notarissen

A full-service commercial law firm specialized in serving clients to achieve their commercial goals.

The agri-food chain is heavily regulated and that affects business strategies. Fitting your business within these regulatory frameworks, reducing risks and assessing what opportunities they offer you, asks for specialised lawyers who know your product and the markets you are involved in. Lawyers that combine their expertise, providing an integrated legal approach, always offering hands-on practical advice in order to reduce risks and support business growth.

With over 80 lawyers Nysingh offers full range legal services throughout the Netherlands, EU-wide and globally from its offices in Arnhem, Apeldoorn en Zwolle. Nysingh’s Food & Agri Market Group consists of specialists on EU-law, product recalls and product liability, labour law, contract and corporate law, intellectual property law and on the Environment and Planning Act.

Since the EU food law forms a substantive part of the legal environment of the agri-food sector, experienced EU law specialists take part in Nysingh’s Food & Agri Market Group. These EU Law specialists have outstanding experience in the field of competition law and state aid. They offer legal services in such areas as food safety, pre-market approval (i.a. additives, food supplements, parnuts, novel foods), traceability, animal welfare, rules of origin, import in and export from the EU, nutrition and health claims, labelling and packaging.

Nysingh acts EU-wide and globally through TAGLaw, a law firm network with members in over 85 countries.


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