Q-Point - Food Valley Award Nominee 2016

Exhibitor 13 October


Consultancy Q-Point, your partner for project- and value chain management, food safety- and quality systems in the agri- and food sector. Q-Point focuses on all parts of the chain, both national and international.

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Wageningen-based consultancy firm Q-Point has developed a system that reduces food waste in the hospitality industry. In a pilot, the Q-Point system enabled the restaurants at three big Dutch zoos to cut their waste by 75% and reduce inventory by 30% without compromising their revenues. Q-Point, Wageningen University and software specialist Nostradamus initially developed the system for one particular zoo, but two other zoos were quick to test it as well. The project sparked a change of attitude in the people working in the zoos’ restaurants. Employees realized it was not necessary to stock large quantities of food and drink in order to offer their guests the same level of service. The hospitality industry in the Netherlands alone wastes an estimated 51 million kilos (400 million Euros’ worth) of food annually. The judges’ panel called Q-Point’s system “a unique initiative with great potential.” The panel also said “Q-Point’s approach appears to be very effective. It is widely applicable and the industry is more than ready to embrace it, as is evident from the fact that two organizations joined the project even in the pilot phase.”