Scelta Mushrooms - Food Valley Award Nominee 2016

Exhibitor 13 October

Scelta Mushrooms

Scelta Taste Accelerator uses the natural power of umami to increase flavor – as alternative to MSG/I+G/AYE – and reduces sodium up to 50% without compromising taste and function in a wide range of applications, from bread and soup to potato chips.

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Scelta Mushrooms, based in Venlo, the Netherlands, developed a range of flavor enhancers they call the Scelta Taste Accelerator. Scelta Taste Accelerator enhances the perception of saltiness in food products while eliminating the need to add sodium. The product range is a ‘clean label’ alternative for monosodium glutamate (MSG; E621) and yeast extract. By using Scelta Taste Accelerators, manufacturers can develop formulations with 50% less salt without compromising taste or functionality. This is Scelta’s answer to the worldwide problem of excessive sodium intake and the cardiovascular disease associated with a high-salt diet. The flavor enhancer is made using waste streams from mushroom processing. These contain glutamate and guanylate: substances that are responsible for a ‘umami’ taste in foods. The flavor enhancer can be used in a wide variety of products, ranging from bread, sauces and processed meats to ready-to-eat meals and potato chips. “Creating low-sodium products without compromising product quality has proven quite difficult, but Scelta appears to have found an effective solution to the problem,” the judges commented.