A first for the Green Protein Accelerator: 100% vegan quinoa burger

Visitors to the Food Valley Expo can enjoy the first 100% vegan, high-protein quinoa burger, prepared on the spot by a top chef. Served in a fragrant onion sauce and with a delicious taste and bite, this new product, developed by partners in The Green Protein Accelerator initiative, can be found on the Food Valley Expo Floor, 13 October. 

“Our quinoa burger is the first 100% vegan quinoa burger on the market”, says Frank Lagas, Managing Director at Labeij Food Products, closely involved with the development. “The burger has a high-protein content of 17%, a characteristic quinoa flavor and, unique for a quinoa-based product, an attractive bite.” Quinoa needs to be cooked well: too little cooking and it can be hard – like bird food – and overcooked it becomes slimy. “We managed to get is just right. Our solution incorporates gluten, pea and textured wheat protein, and recommends cooking the product in its packaging.” Bobeldijk Food Group produces the burger using Dutch quinoa from GreenFood50. 

Vegalgenspreadan algae spread
In addition to the quinoa burger, The Green Protein Accelerator has more Green Protein surprises for Food Valley Expo-visitors. “We will also present a fresh algae sandwich spread, produced from Dutch chlorella cultivated by Duplaco”, says Lagas. “The spread has a high protein content of 16% and really tastes good with crackers.” Another innovation launched at the expo is a 100% plant based red onion sauce, based on a highly-concentrated onion powder made by ABC Kroos from onion waste (the outer skins). “Visitors can experience how well this sauce combines with the quinoa burger.”

Exciting opportunities
Lagas believes there will be more vegan, high-protein products on the market in the nearby future. “I see many exciting opportunities to experiment and innovate with algae, water lentils and seaweed.”

The Green Protein Accelerator
The Green Protein Accelerator creates Green Protein trial facilities within existing industrial production environments. The aim is to accelerate market introduction of plant-protein products. According to the partners in The Green Protein Accelerator, great tasting new concepts are needed that will enable a transformation in existing consumer diets towards more healthy, sustainable, plant-based diets. Partners include Bobeldijk , Ruitenberg Ingredients , ABC Kroos (onions and water lentils), algae specialist Duplaco  and Labeij Food Products.

Food Valley Expo
Taste the quinoa burger and other innovations by The Green Protein Accelerator entrepreneurs at the Food Valley Expo Floor or join the Science to Business session on Green Proteins, on 13 October.

The Green Protein Accelerator is co-funded by EFRO-Op-Oost