First results from the True Potato Seed Hackathon | 13 oct

Enthusiastic students present concrete business proposals for the introduction of True Potato Seeds. This is the follow-up of a hackathon organized by Food Valley NL. Experience the student’s commitment and listen to their pitches on how to make True Potato Seeds available to developing countries.

In the context of ‘Feeding the World’, Food Valley NL organized the True Potato Seeds Hackathon together with Solynta, Wageningen UR, HAS Hogeschool, Van Hall Larenstein and SoilCares Foundation. Students from different (applied) universities were invited on September 9, 2015. The students were asked to come up with new business models on introducing True Potato Seeds in Africa.

Students worked in interdisciplinary groups on the question ‘How can Solynta make its True Potato Seeds available to developing countries in a socially and economically responsible way, in order to contribute to feeding the world’s growing and often malnourished population?’ The term Hackathon is borrowed from the world of computer programming. It represents a pressure-cooker event in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming.

At the Food Valley Expo four student groups from Wageningen UR, HAS Hogeschool and Hogeschool VHL  will pitch the proposals they have developed for Solynta. All proposed ideas aim at the situation in East Africa because it is expected that the introduction of True Potato Seed in this region has the best chance of success. According to the students the involvement of farmers at an early stage through education, is an important step to increase the success rate.

Experience the student’s enthusiasm and commitment and meet them at the Expo Floor stand #26 at 12.30.  Or come and listen to the outcome of the hackathon.

Results of hackathon of introduction potato seeds in Africa
13 oct  |   13.30 – 14.30 Room 3030

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