Four Science to Business Sessions, pick your favorite!

The event, on October 13, will feature innovations in Green Proteins, Personalized Nutrition, Blockchains in Agrifood and Food Quality & Safety. The lively conference program includes presentations on the very latest scientific developments.

Blockchains in agrifood
From improved food safety to fair pay for local farmers, new developments in blockchain technology will open up horizons for applications in the agrifood sector. Exciting opportunities, challenges too, will be revealed and discussed during the Science to Business Session, Blockchains in Agrifood.

Green Proteins
How to entice the consumer with food products based on ‘green’ proteins? And how, as a society, do we ensure sustainable proteins make the transition from niche to mainstream? Get the answers at the Science to Business Session: Green Proteins.

Personalized Nutrition
How can the food industry meet increasing consumer demands for more-personalized nutrition innovations? How does it translate new scientific insights into successful products and services? All this and more will be discussed during the Science to Business Session: Personalized Nutrition.

Food Quality & Safety
Whether it’s insights into microbial survival strategies or predictive modeling approaches: a fascinating overview of the latest trends and developments in Food Quality & Safety awaits you at the Science to Business Session.