Get familiar with B2C communication in the food sector | 13 Oct

What is exactly the difference between a health claim and a nutrition claim? And how about the borderline between those type of claims and medical claims? How can health benefits of food products best be communicated to the end consumer without violating the Claims Regulation and related legislation? What are the consequences if the rules are not followed? At the Food Valley Expo on 13 October Karin Verzijden from Axon Lawyers will present her day-to-day experience with B2C communication in the food sector.

Mandatory and voluntary information
Selling health benefits of food products nowadays takes place in the entire chain of food products, from the wholesale business at a B2B level, as well as in the supermarket or on the internet, on a B2C level. Therefore, when selling food product or ingredients to your B2B clients, you should know what should or could be communicated about those ingredients and how.

A whole set of tools is available to serve your needs here, but you should know what they are and how to use them. This workshop will serve as a crash course to get familiar with both the mandatory and voluntary food information, explained on the basis of recent case law examples. At the end, your knowledge will be put to the test in a quiz.

B2C communication in the food sector
13 Oct  |  14.30-15.00  |  Axon Lawyers

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