Green Banana Food presents high-protein, gluten free pasta

Rich in fibers, high in protein, gluten free and totally delicious; this innovative, sustainably-produced pasta range, developed by Green Banana Food, will be presented by founder Sean Patrick, along with some of his ambitions and ideas, during his pitch at the Food Valley Expo StartLife Plaza, 13 October.

“As a little boy, growing up in Uganda, I quickly learned that you can prepare many delicious meals with green bananas. My ‘home-kitchen’ experiments have developed to professional product development at our current lab in the Dutch city of The Hague.

Culinary secrets
My early discoveries form the basis of the culinary secrets behind Green Banana Food’s novel innovations: nutritious, gluten-free, delicious pasta made from green bananas and a variety of pulses, legumes and vegetables. The pasta range – which is ready to market – is minimally-processed, sustainably-produced and fairly-sourced with direct partnerships with local small farmers in Uganda.

Product range
I believe Africa’s agriculture and culinary traditions have much to offer to the food market in developed countries. We are already working on other green-banana-based products like breakfast ‘cereals’, bread, pastries and banana-chocolate truffles.

Food Valley Expo
I would be very happy to see all these products on the supermarket shelves across Europe and the USA. I consider it a great opportunity for our company to present our pasta at the Food Valley Expo, 13 October This international event is a unique platform for getting feedback from the market and being even more inspired.”