The Green Protein Accelerator shortens time-to-market of plant-protein products, 13 Oct

The Green Protein Accelerator creates Green Protein trial facilities in an existing industrial production environment. “We want to accelerate market introduction of plant-protein products”, says Remko Vogelenzang, CEO of Bobeldijk Food Group, one of the initiators of the Green Protein Accelerator. Partners of the initiative – including Bobeldijk, Ruitenberg Ingredients, ABC Kroos (onions and water lentils), algae specialist Duplaco and LaBeij Food Products – will present their organizations and current conceptual directions, at the Food Valley Expo, October 2016.

In common with Bobeldijk Food Group, Ruitenberg Ingredients recognize the market potential of plant-proteins. Renowned as flexible and innovative companies, both have been inundated with requests to create food-grade test facilities for functionality screening, product development, trial runs and actual production. “As future-looking companies we want to invest in Green Protein-infrastructures enabling unit operations such as forming, blending, texturizing, packaging and functionality-screening”, says Vogelenzang.

Exiting new concepts
According to the partners in The Green Protein Accelerator, great tasting new concepts are required to inspire a transformation in existing consumer diets towards more healthy and sustainable, plant-based diets. Creating visually-appealing and functional new green-protein combinations will be key to success. Combining green-protein ingredients from ABC Kroos and Duplaco with the creativity of product developers from LaBeij, Bobeldijk and Ruitenberg makes such exciting new concepts and products possible.

Food Valley Expo
Meet the The Green Protein Accelerator-entrepreneurs and their innovations at the Food Valley Expo Floor or join the Science to Business session on Green Proteins, on 13 October.

The Green Protein Accelerator is co-funded by EFRO-Op-Oost