Holland Food Valley Tasting house: Taste & try @Food Valley Expo, Oct 13th

Allow us to entice and inspire you with exciting dishes and the latest innovations in technology, ingredients and products. Meet the entrepreneurs behind these innovations and prepare your taste buds for a culinary experience on the spot.

Make sure you don’t miss the brand new Yespers granola’s. The cereal is mildly roasted in fruit reused from Yespers spreads or sourced from residual streams. A unique and sustainably smart product with great taste. Kick-start your day with a great crispy trifle of taste, sustainability and energy. Meet Yespers!


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Feel like an athlete, eat like an athlete. The organic sports bar developed by Topsport Restaurant’s chef Erik. Loaded with fruit, seeds and nuts contributing to the high energy level athletes need to perform at top level.


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Samhoud Food
Tasty innovations made of vegetables, created by 2-Michelin star chef Moshik Roth. Only natural flavorings, no colors added.

The Cauliflower ‘cheese soufflé’: the unique dough is made of cauliflower. A remarkable ode to a traditional Dutch snack.

The Broccoli burger: a delicious burger made of vegetables. A source of fibers and proteins.Dare to have your veggies in a non-traditional way!


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VEGA-pops: unique pops made from extruded corn and vegetables, optionally from high-value side streams.

When processing VEGA-pops into crumbs the by-product VEGA-flour arises. A fine product, perfectly fit to be used in quiches, cakes or pizza dough thanks to its remarkable characteristics. Meet the ‘VEGA-flour-cupcake’!

Experience the delightful combination of fruit and VEGA-pops. Enjoy the crunchy fruit bar with a hint of vegetables.


Fruitbar with VEGA pops
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Van den Beuken
One drink, multiple benefits. A tasty recovery drink based on egg-protein and fruit juice. The egg-protein can be beneficial to the elderly and supports people recovering from illness or heavy sport activities. A drink with pure and natural ingredients, nicely  flavored.


Van den Beuken Eiprodukten

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The new way to boost your dessert. We invite you to experience our exciting flavor combinations. All natural and delicious. Choose your favorite topping with a spoon of yogurt or try them all. We are happy to guide you through our world of flavors. Welcome!


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The Holland Food Valley Tasting  will be organized by Food Valley NL in close collaboration with Elite Sports Restaurant | High Performance Centre Papendal, Metos Kitchen Intelligence.

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