How to export your food bussiness | 13 oct

The introduction of the Dutch ‘Heks’nkaas’ on the Danish market, is one of the recent, successful stories of TEN the export network. The experts from TEN supported the cheese company, who was looking for a new region to develop. At Business2businness, the experts will explain the most important steps for a successful entry of a new market. Experts of TEN will tackle, amongst others, the following questions:

How to export your Food Business?
TEN the export network 13 October | 16.15 – 17.15

TEN the export network
TEN the export network advises and supports food companies that are aiming to broaden their horizons. We coordinate food export activities, encourage business development projects, and create new international links. We also help improve the standard of existing export activities, and we operate as SIB advisor to SMEs.