Innovation for a tasty and nutritious future | Gerard Hardeman | 12 Oct

The Netherlands offers a vast array of food innovations: from enzymes that create sweet taste in dairy products, to sodium replacing yeast extracts, to feed additives that reduce methane emission from cows. Through science and innovation the food industry can meet the demands it faces, argues Gerard Hardeman, business unit director at DSM Food Specialties, in his keynote speech at the Food Valley Expo on 12 October.

The food industry is facing ever-tougher demands. Food products not only have to be safe, but also healthy and sustainably produced. “The greatest challenge we now face is how to translate scientific knowledge into new products that meet these demands,” says Hardeman. “Products need to provide health benefits, contribute to a sense of wellness, and at the same time we need to produce enough food to feed nine billion people. Those are big issues. Meanwhile, the circular economy is gaining importance in our drive towards sustainability. So we’re working on all fronts: looking to reduce the use of virgin raw materials, while cutting back on waste, emissions and energy consumption,” he explains.

Hardeman believes science holds the answers: “Knowledge at a molecular level needs to be translated into practical solutions, for instance in food products. That’s why at DSM we work very closely with universities and start-ups. There are so many innovative ideas out there. We sift through that multitude of ideas, filtering out interesting solutions that we transform into new products or processes. That’s how we structurally contribute to innovation. We have developed several great products and there’s more in the pipeline.”

DSM Food Specialties is a leading manufacturer of food enzymes, cultures, flavors and other products for the food and beverage industry. DSM’s ingredients contribute to the success of various global savoury, dairy, bread, fruit juice, beer and wine brands.

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