Kweecker makes home-growing professional food easy for everyone

A Dutch designed, climate-controlled greenhouse for home use, in gardens or in restaurants. This is the Kweecker greenhouse developed by Axel and Stefan Persoon and partners. The greenhouse gives restaurants, consumers and anyone who likes to grow fresh herbs and vegetables, a way to produce them quickly,  and easily with consistent quality. The entrepreneurs will present their innovation at the StartersPlaza, during the Food Valley Expo, 13 October. Read on to learn about their ideas and ambitions.

“One of the shareholders in TINT, our product development agency, showed us a wine cabinet in his kitchen. He wondered whether it was possible to make something similar for fresh herbs and vegetables.

Consumer trends
We thought it was a marvelous idea, anticipating consumers’ growing demand for super-fresh produce and their increasing interest in their foods’ origins. So we decided to develop something new.

Climate controlled
We came up with the Kweecker, the first automatic, climate-controlled greenhouse for in the home and the garden. Consumers and chefs can now grow their own herbs and vegetables in a controlled and simple manner. The greenhouse comes with a smartphone app through which people can follow, via time-lapse images, how the products are growing and decide when they can be harvested. People do not have to concern themselves with temperature, water supply and air quality, because all these factors are regulated automatically.

Conquering the world
We are delighted to be presenting our the Kweecker at the Food Valley Expo and hope we will find an investor who wants to invest in turning our innovation into a great market success. We want to launch our product in the Netherlands, but conquer the world.”