Many opportunities for food business in California | 13 Oct

Pesticide-free production of fruit and vegetables, design of new food ingredients and applied research are three disciplines in which the Dutch can offer a useful contribution to the Californian agro-food sector, says Bob Burris from Burris Service Group, a full-service consulting firm in Sacramento, California. At Food Valley Expo 2015 Burris will explain how to build bridges and he will give some tips and tricks on starting a business in California.

“Food production in California is unique. Nowhere in the US are the volumes and the quality at such a high level as in this region. The growing capacity is great and harvesting and packaging technology are very innovative. The high quality food and beverage development are  known throughout the world,” illustrates Burris. “There are many similarities between the Netherlands and Northern California as it comes to agro-food production. Entrepreneurs in both countries are ambitious and innovative. However, there are some serious gaps in the California agro-food industry and this offers challenges for the Dutch. Dreaming of California is more than just dreaming of beautiful beaches and a blue sky.”

Meeting the right partners and finding enough capital to start a business is not always easy. This is especially true if you want to start a business in a new country. Food Valley NL and BSG are therefore working toward developing stronger ties and greater business relationships across the Atlantic. At Food Valley Expo Burris will explain how Dutch agro-food companies can explore their opportunities in California.

Great opportunities
“I am convinced that there are great opportunities  for the Dutch”, concludes Burris. “In California we love new ideas. I am always impressed by the openness of Dutch agro-food entrepreneurs. They easily talk about their innovations. And more over, their positive energy is fantastic.” Burris invites Dutch entrepreneurs to get acquainted with Californian industry, academia and organizations and make the first steps to realize their Californian dreams.

California Dreamin’
13 Oct  |  13.15 – 14.15  | Burris Service Group

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