Meet NOC*NSF’s High-Performance Director Maurits Hendriks

Success in modern elite sports comes down to “marginal gains”, and these are found in the smallest details. A key component is continuous innovation in training approaches and nutrition, according to Maurits Hendriks, High-Performance Director at NOC*NSF and Chef de Mission of the Dutch Olympic team at the recent Rio Olympic Games. He will share his vision and ideas with the audience at the opening session of the Food Valley Expo, 13 October.

Hendriks, via an interview by moderator Jim Stolz, will explain the vital role nutrition played for Dutch Olympic athletes who competed last Summer. He will reveal the specific food products they brought with them from their home country, and why.

Innovative concepts
According to the Chef de Mission, the Netherlands – and especially the Gelderland area – are among the world’s best when it comes to innovative concepts in food and nutrition. Dutch public-private partnerships have proven their value, for example by unraveling the role of protein in muscle performance physiology.

To boost interaction
As a representative of NOC*NSF, Hendriks considers it his task to further boost the interaction between academia, industry and elite sports, and to explore the opportunities for crossovers with, for example, the medical sector. He is closely involved in Eat2Move, a collaborative approach to identify and test nutrition concepts that maximize performance and recovery in elite athletes and patients.

Food Valley Expo
Interested in the vision and ideas of High-performance Director and Chef the Mission Maurits Hendriks? Meet him at the opening session of the Food Valley Expo, 13 October.