New cold press technology | Expo Floor

The Dutch company JFPT/foodlife has developed a new cold press technology. Cold pressing preserves both the nutrients as well as the fresh taste of fruit and vegetables. Cold pressed juices are healthy, tasteful and all natural. At Food Valley Expo ‘The Cold Press No. 1’ will be presented by JFTP/foodlife.

The Cold Press No.1 squeezes more gently than other juicing methods. Fruit and vegetable juice is extracted without crushing the cells too much or creating undesirable heat. Modern juice brands like Evolution Fresh, Odwalla, Organic Avenue use cold pressing methods already. The shelf life of the cold pressed juice can be extended from a few days to a few weeks with PEF technology.

JFPT/foodlife was the winnar of the Food Valley Award 2014 with the Pluckr. The machine uses ultrasonic vibrations to rapidly de-bunch grapes without damaging them.  The Pluckr was developed by JFPT/foodlife in cooperation with TOP.