New lettuce discolours less rapidly | 12 Oct

Rijk Zwaan introduces a trait in its lettuce varieties that ensures that the leaves discolour pink less rapidly after cutting. The vegetable breeding company has nick-named the trait ‘KNOX’. Jan Doldersum, Manager Marketing & Business Development will tell the story of the new trait at Food Valley Expo.

KNOX extends shelf-life by about two days. Rijk Zwaan directly responds to one of the main wishes of fresh cut companies with this development. KNOX ensures you do not necessarily need low-oxygen packaging for lettuce; this allows for lower costs and more options when blending. This means getting rid of the negative smell that is characteristic of opening low-oxygen packaging.

Less waste
KNOX is also beneficial for the rest of the chain. For example, the extended shelf life gives retailers a better stock position and less waste. It is self-evident that these benefits will also lead to a better end consumer experience. The consumer can enjoy the bag of pre-packaged salad for a longer time. It is expected that KNOX will lead to higher purchasing frequency, and therefore increased consumption of lettuce.

Rijk Zwaan worked on the development of KNOX for a total of 10 years. The worldwide market leader in lettuce developed an assessment test in house in order to determine the presence of the trait, and then found it in a breeding greenhouse. The unique effect was confirmed in various laboratory tests and large scale factory trials. The property was subsequently crossed into various lettuce types as soon as possible.

The tasty and nutritious future
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