The Exciting Program of Food Valley Expo 2015

City farming, innovative ingredients and high tech solutions in agro-food. Leading figures from across science and industry illustrating the latest developments. Dozens of entrepreneurs presenting their exciting food innovations. Expert speakers giving practical advice and real-life experiences. A proud winner of the Food Valley Award 2015. This is Food Valley Expo 2015. Two days full of new business opportunities at Wageningen Campus. Don’t miss it and register now!

12 October | The Tasty and Nutritious Future

Leading figures from across science and industry illustrate the latest insights in tasty and nutritious food. Four actual themes will be covered:

12 October | Food Valley Excellence Tour | Discover innovative companies

The Food Valley Excellence Tour visits Wageningen Campus and innovative companies. The tour offers a unique opportunity to discover what is going on in Wageningen and surroundings.

13 October | Global challenges. Smart solutions

Our keynote speakers will give you a glimpse of the future of food. The following issues will be covered:

The Food Valley Award winner 2015 will be announced. The finalists are:

Food Valley Expo Floor | Dozens of food innovations

On the Food Valley Expo Floor dozens of entrepreneurs present their exciting food, ingredients and technology innovations. Stroll over the floor and meet new partners. Take the next step in your business.

Holland Food Valley Tasting house | Food of the Future

The Holland Food Valley Tasting house presents the surprising food of the future. The innovators explain their ingredients and products and their applications.

Sessions | Practical advice, real-life experiences

Experts speakers provide practical advice based on real-life experiences on relevant topics, such as venture capital, circular economy and B2C communication. Two series: 12 October | 13 October