Gert-Jan Gombert

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Gert Jan Gombert is Commercial Manager for Vivera BV, a leading player in the European market for meatalternatives and vegetable based products. Gert Jan started at Vivera in 2009 as an Export Manager and together with his young and enthusiastic team has been at the basis of the strong European expansion of Vivera. Nowadays Vivera is producing nearly a million consumer-packs a week and is supplying over 20.000 shops in 16 countries in Europe.

He did not publish anything else than Facebook and Instagram posts, but with a hands-on, down to earth, entrepreneurial approach and a great team, managed Vivera to become European volume leader in meatalternatives.

Last year he decided for a very drastic change to the Vivera look and feel to make their meat alternatives more appealing to the general public. That new logo and packaging design has skyrocket the Vivera brand, was internationally recognised and is awarded with the Dutch Packaging Award.

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