Janneke Wijman

Science to Business | Round 2 | Food Safety

Reduce R&D time, increase speed-to-market: Predictive micro modeling in today’s food industry

Corbion delivers food and beverage ingredients to enhance freshness, taste & safety. In addition, we spend a significant amount of R&D time in making our knowledge and research data available to our customers. In doing so, Corbion helps its customers speed up their R&D processes and thus time-to-market for new product development.

One way of making knowledge accessible to our customers is by generating models on the use of Corbion ingredients in a food product. A unique example is Corbion’s Listeria Control Model, which is widely used by meat processors across the globe to predict how long Listeria will be inhibited in a particular meat product. This model is based on over two decades of work on Listeria inhibition, both in broth model systems and in a variety of meat products and has become the industry standard. In addition, Corbion offers various other online models  and calculators for beverages (mineral fortification) and confectionery (sugar inversion).

Janneke Wijman has a Master’s degree in biotechnology, majoring in microbiology. She worked at Wageningen University for four years in the Laboratory of Food Microbiology as a researcher. She spent two years at Unilever R&D as a scientist in Mild Preservation, before joining Corbion Purac in 2010. She first worked as a scientist for bakery, savory and meat applications, and as a project leader for innovation projects. Since 2015, she leads the global application team for Meat, Food & Beverages. Janneke - webklaar