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Jeroen Wouters, Food Valley NL

Jeroen Wouters, PhD, is Director International at Food Valley NL. Jeroen is active in food innovation management for his entire career. He is a food technologist by training and obtained his PhD in food microbiology at Wageningen University, The Netherlands. In 2002, he joined NIZO food research where he has held management positions in the areas of food fermentation, food safety, flavour, health and nutrition. In 2012 Jeroen joined InnoSportNL as the national program manager Sports & Nutrition, located at Papendal, the Olympic training facilities in the Netherlands. In his role as program manager Jeroen coordinates, stimulates and facilitates innovation in the field of sports and nutrition. As a part of the activities he is chairman of the coordinating team of Eat2Move, the hub for innovation in sports and nutrition. Jeroen has (co-) authored over 40 scientific publications.

In his role as Director International at Food Valley NL, Jeroen provides guidance and support to stimulate innovation and cooperation in food and nutrition.

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