Jim Stolze

Moderator 13 October

Jim Stolze
Speaker and consultant on Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship

Jim Stolze is also the TED.com ambassador for Europe, the founder of TEDxAmsterdam and a popular moderator. He is the presenter of the weekly Dutch television program Toekomstmakers (“Future Makers”), a program about science and innovation in corporates and startups, where they talk about all kinds of inventions, hypes and trends.

In his latest book ‘Uitverkocht!’ (‘Sold Out!’) he describes the Attention Economy. Many companies claim to centralize their customers, but in most cases they’re still finding the right way to pay attention and earn attention. The book was nominated ‘management book of the year’.

One of his presentations is called “Waking up in 2020…” – What will society look like? Which type of jobs will there be? How are we organized? Where will we train people for?

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