Nard Clabbers

Science to Business | Personalized Nutrition | Round 2

Nard Clabbers, Senior Business Developer Personalized Nutrition and Health, TNO Healthy Living

After his study of human nutrition at Wageningen University, Mr. Clabbers started working for Numico (now Danone). In the following decade, he held several positions in the food industry where he, as a nutritional scientist, always worked closely together with sales and marketing. Optimizing communication to very diverse target groups, based on the intrinsic value of the products, the newest scientific knowledge, the market in question and the regulatory possibilities. In his last position before joining TNO in 2011, Clabbers was a member of the Global Nutrition Centre of the Hero Group and responsible for all scientific and regulatory affairs for the Benelux, with brands such as Hero, Friso Infant Nutrition, Bledina and Organix.

At TNO, he has been responsible for the business line Food and Health before starting as Senior Business Developer Personalized Nutrition and Health in 2015. In this role, Nard Clabbers has set up a large international research program that looks at technical and social innovations to enable personalized nutrition through consumer empowerment. This research ecosystem is a unique public private partnership in cooperation with private parties and Wageningen University. This precompetitive program is unique in two ways. It combines nutritional, behavioral and ICT sciences in a public-private consortium and includes all the partners that need each other to develop new business cases in the real world.

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