Start-up Plaza

Start-up Plaza is the place to be for ambitious starters

From technology provider to ultra fresh juice specialist: a broad cross-section of innovative start-up agri & horti food companies will be presenting at the Start-Up Plaza on Food Valley Expo. The Start-up Plaza and its Pitches-Podium is a source of inspiration and fun for visitors of Food Valley Expo. The event (10.45am-17.30pm) at the expo floor is very interactive, as entrepreneurs will be engaging with potential customers. Join us at Start-up Plaza!

The Algae Factory
Contact: Stefania Abbona
Network: StartLife
Algae Factory - webklaar
The Algae Factory conceives and co-develops with partners (food industries) innovative algae based food products tailored to the needs of different market trends and consumers (i.e. vegan, halal, gluten and lactose intolerant). These products have high protein content and are rich in essential nutrients like vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids. The products are an alternative to animals’ proteins and soy based products.
Contact: Fokke Buwalda
Network: Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials
B=mex - webklaar
In Greenhouse practice, there is often a wide gap between understanding a principle and being able to apply that knowledge to make the best decision. Simulation models can help to bridge that gap. B-Mex makes the knowledge comprised in models applicable on the work floor. B-Mex specializes in making simulation models available to the Greenhouse Industry and beyond. Existing models can be accessed interactively via the Web, and new models are developed.
Cool Wave Processing
Contact: Rene Koster
Network: TDI Business Acceleration
Cool Wave Processing - webklaar2
Cool Wave Processing is an innovative company that develops and sells state of the art food processing technologies. They currently offer the product: PurePulse (PEF 2.0).
De Klik Biomassa DHZ
Contact: Martine Groenewege
 De Klik- webklaar
Preventing food waste phase 2.0 means tackling the chain. The platform serves as a new purchasing channel for restaurants and catering industry where they can find unsalable food from supermarkets or surplus from local farmers (=secondlife food). DHZ means DIY. The direct contact saves costs and makes the food traceable.
Dutch Quinoa Group BV
Contact: Rens Kuijten
Network: TDI Business Acceleration
Dutch Quinoa Group- webklaar2
Dutch Quinoa Group BV is a group of dedicated people who are passionate about healthy and tasty food and stimulate local food production. European quinoa brings more variation in our eating habits, but also in the agricultural planning. The goal of Dutch Quinoa Group BV is to organize a transparent and short chain of production and improve availability of quinoa by means of local production. In that way, quinoa will soon become a true European product.
Green Food Bananas
Contact: Patrick
Green Banana innovates new, delicious ways of making your favourite pasta-based meals even healthier, more nutritious, gluten free using green bananas, a fusion of other pulses, legumes, and vegetables, all while positively impacting small-scale farmers in Uganda.
Green Innovators / ViVi
Contact: John Bijl
Network: Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials
With the revolutionary ViVi method, the future of growing crops is here. In essence, ViVi offers a highly innovative method that can be used to grow crops in a highly reliable, sustainable and efficient manner. This process is fully automated and can be executed by anyone, anywhere. Using the ViVi method, a uniform product can be cultivated completely independent of the local climate and without the need for expert knowledge of the breeder.
Contact: Marc Arts
Network: StartLife
GreenFood50 is a dynamic fast growing company that develops, produces and sells quinoa ingredients. These innovative quinoa ingredients are applied in bakery products, salads, pastas, sauces, beverages, sports nutrition, healthy bars, snacks, vegetarian and gluten free products.
Contact: Toon Roozen
Network: Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials
CressToday is the Grown’s new and advanced indoor garden system. With CressToday you grow your own cress in no-time, all year round! With the automatic water supply and the special LED lights, you can sit back and enjoy this green experience in your own kitchen.
Contact: John Apesos
Network: Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials
Accelerating the advent of sustainable urban agriculture by empowering fresh food. Our global population is growing, cities have emerged as the new home of humanity. GROWx advanced Vertical Farms offer cities the power to grow year round local fresh food. The Juno Series vertical farm produces herbs, microgreens and salads that are harvested to order for Amterdam´s chefs. GROWx Amsterdam collaborates with chefs to grow what they love.
Hudson River Biotechnology
Contact: Rudi Ariaans
Network: StartLife
Hudson River Biotechnology (HRB) is a biotech company with its roots in New York City and incorporated in the Netherlands. Its mission is to create, develop and market innovations in plant genetics by using state of the art science including the CRISPR-Cas9 technology. HRB specializes in optimizing plants that are used to produce high-value compounds, for example by increasing yields or introducing innovative traits.
Contact: Adri van Boxtel
Kiemrad is a machine to germinate corn. This machine comes from Austria and is now being tested in the Netherlands. Suitable in places where germinated grains or seeds are used daily freshly, for example in bakeries, large kitchens and in animal husbandry.
Contact: Jaco Pieper
Koupe is world’s only smart alternative to ice cream. The protein ice cream from Koupe is high in fibre and high in protein. Feel Good Benefits with Koupe. Not just a frozen shake in an ice cream cup. No: real, great tasting ice cream with all the goodness, but no guilt. You can now treat yourself to deliciously ice-creamy melt-in-your-mouth scoops of Koupe that are high in protein, high in fibre and have half the calories of a traditional ice cream.
Contact: Axel Persoon
Network: Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials
The new way to grow vegetables, fruit and herbs at home. With the Kweecker you grow easily your own fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. Kweecker wants to create a community of Kweeckers where breeding pure and honest food stands central. The increasing enthusiasm for fresh food will pave the way for newer technologies that will ultimately have the decentralization of food production as a result.
Contact: Frank Kamsteeg
The brand Nochey stands for healthy food, made of insects. The name Nochey means No Chemicals. Nochey provides the best food, the best quality, organic with the best taste. Nochey stands behind the following values. Our food is always: Healthy, Delicious, Environmentally Friendly, and Affordable.
Pascal Processing
Contact: René Koster
Network: TDI Business Acceleration
Pascal Processing-webklaar
Pascalization or High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a mild preservation technique for packaged fresh food and food products. Pascal Processing is an HPP expert. With this technique we put packaged foods under very high pressure. Pascal Processing uses purified water and a pressure up to 6,000 bars or 87,000 psi. So high that bacteria and decay no longer stand a chance. Pascalization is 100% natural and safe.
Contact: Rudi Dieleman
Network: StartLife
Pectcof technology unlocks the potential of the coffee pulp as a source of bio based materials, at the same time detoxifying the waste stream produced by the second most traded commodity in the world.
PhenoVation B.V.
Contact: Vincent Jalink
Network: Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials
PhenoVation is the manufacturer of camera systems that can image the chlorophyll fluorescence from plants. PhenoVation is specialised in camera technology. Manufacturer of camera systems for imaging whole plants on chlorophyll fluorescence, multispectral, colour and green/red fluorescence protein (GFP/RFP).
Contact: Eral Osmanoglou
Network: TDI Business Acceleration
Phytonext is a technology company located in the Food Valley (Wageningen, the Netherlands). We are specialized in selective extraction and particle engineering. Our technology platform provides a novel method for extraction of all natural, highly valuable and fragile compounds and a method for formulating these following your specification requirements.
Pure Organic
Contact: Casper Verhoeven
Network: Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials
Pure Organic
Pure Bar’s nutritious and delicious bites are made with organic, gluten free, non-GMO ingredients for worry-free, healthy snacking. Loaded with wholesome, natural ingredients like fruits, nuts, and whole grains, and luscious elements like chocolate, vanilla and nut butters, Pure Bar products are pure joy.
Contact: Willem Sodderland
Network: StartLife
Seamore- webklaar
Seamore is a food startup that will transform our favourite foods into superfoods. Our secret weapon? Seaweed. I sea pasta is our first product. A seaweed that has disguised itself as tagliatelle, as pasta. Picked straight from the rocks, this sea pasta tastes great and is good for you and the planet. Some seaweed, we seamore.
Contact: Javi Lomas
Network: StartLife
Sigrow is a Dutch spin-off between Wageningen University and School of Engineer in Sevilla. This brings together the leading scientific knowledge in Plant science with endless possibilities of solid engineering solutions in electronics, software and automation. Sigrow believes that agriculture needs to be taken to the next level by the smart and innovative use of technology so we focus on developing simple solutions to address the challenges of growers, animal farmers, consultants and development agencies around our World.
smart I dairy
Contact: Peter Paul Coppes
Network: StartLife
Smart Dairy-webklaar2
smart | dairy creates high tech farming units with access to markets and funds so they can produce quality milk, generate income and create sustainability. Smart I diary envisions a distributed macro-farm considerate of communities and environment. With a dairy herd that will produce quality and traceable milk enabling us to safeguard the milk all the way.
Contact: Hein Kruyt
Network: Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials
Solynta contributes to feeding the world’s growing and often malnourished population. We accomplish this by enabling the Solynta’s F1 hybrid breeding technology in Potato, to develop new varieties which yield more, under harsher conditions, needs far less pesticides and fungicides with beneficial traits for consumers, farmers and processors. Solynta wants to develop true seeds as superior starting material instead of degenerated, infected and perishable seed tubers.
Contact: Leendert Bom
Network: Topsector Horticulture & Starting Materials
Wasabi4You is European Distributor and (Co-) Producer of fresh Wasabi and Wasabi products with real Wasabi.
Contact: Bart Verweijen
Network: StartLife
151028_final logo V2
Waterly brings to market a new category of delicious and healthy drinks that stimulate productivity on the working floor. On top of that we help build a ‘great place to work’. But we do more than serving delicious drinks! At Waterly we envision a world where people have unlimited access to clean and safe drinking water…That is our goal! To realize this we consistently invest in clean drinking water projects in developing countries.