Qlip introduces the fresh grazed grass indicator | 13 Oct

At the 2015 Food Valley Expo, Qlip laboratory is going to introduce its new grazing indicator. This indicator uses big data to determine whether milk was produced by cows that graze on pasture. Based on the indicator’s underlying infrastructure and computational models, Qlip is also developing other milk indicators. In an interactive workshop, Qlip will show how this technology can help the entire dairy chain, from grass to glass.

The grazing indicator weighs the probability that milk was produced by cows that grazed fresh grass on pasture. The spectra and computational models underlying this indicator are also being used to develop other valuable indicators. Based on big milk data, Qlip is developing models and indicators to determine animal health and welfare, as well as sustainability. These indicators could detect a range of characteristics at herd or individual cow level including metabolic disorders like ketosis and ruminal acidosis in dairy cattle, and measure important environmental factors like methane emissions. These data can be used to support dairy farmers in the management of their businesses, dairy herd improvement programs in the breeding of better cows, and the dairy industry in the improvement and assurance of product quality.

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