Reformulation, Technology and Processing Tour, 12 Oct

Concentrating on food companies in the Arnhem area, you will visit leading innovators FrieslandCampina Innovation Centre,  TOP and foodlife.

During a one hour visit to the FrieslandCampina Innovation Centre, in Wageningen, R&D experts will show and tell their ‘from grass to glass’ story.

TOP works on the latest and most-advanced food-processing technologies: Pulsed Electric Field (PurePulse), Active Modified Air Packaging (AMAP) and many more. You’ll visit their pilot facilities and get a ‘taste’ of some applications.

foodlife will show you their in-house developed innovative processing solutions, embodying their design and manufacturing philosophy: quality improvement plus cost reduction (achieved by saving time and/or resources and reducing changeover times) by incorporating efficiency, durability, sustainability, hygiene and advanced ergonomics. Designed and made in Holland.

Excellent combination with a visit to the Food Valley Expo the next day, October 13th.

Ticket information
Ticket per tour € 225,- per person. All prices VAT excluded, lunch and drinks included.

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Click visitor and/or tour participant. We welcome food and food-related companies with interest in doing business with the companies and institutes in the Netherlands, also Dutch companies.

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