Science to Business Session: Green Proteins, 13 Oct

How to entice the consumer with food products based on ‘green’ proteins? And how, as a society, do we ensure sustainable proteins make the transition from niche to mainstream? Get the answers at the Science to Business Session: Green Proteins, Food Valley Expo, 13 October.

The program includes three complementary lectures, each discussing sustainable proteins from science and business perspectives, that “together show the Netherlands’ leading role in this field, in Europe and perhaps globally”, says Jeroen Willemsen, Innovation Manager & Consultant at Food for Impact and moderator of the session. “More and more food companies and supermarket chains come to our country looking for production outsourcing and to become inspired on how to make business out of the plant-protein trend.”

NIZO food research
One organization where exciting new developments take place is NIZO food research. Division Manager Texture & Flavor René Floris, the first speaker in the Green Proteins Session, will demonstrate how NIZO translates cutting-edge understanding of protein extraction into tailor-made applications for the food industry. “How can you, for example, extract proteins from vegetables, while maintaining their functionality, and apply them in innovative new products?”, illustrates Willemsen.

The second speaker, Gert Jan Gombert, Commercial Director at leading meat-replacer specialist Vivera, will reveal how his company has been able to convert consumers to plant-protein-based products, in the Netherlands and abroad. What were the communication campaigns and packaging that overcame consumer fears around ‘strange’ new products?

Changing the Food Game
Lucas Simons, founder and CEO of the companies New Foresight and SCOPEinsight, and author of the book Changing the Food Game, will discuss the transition from animal-protein-based food production towards a more plant-protein-based approach. He will explain how scientific transition models can be applied to introducing sustainable proteins, illustrated by the Green Protein Alliance, which was recently launched.

From niche to mainstream
“Sustainable proteins are now making the shift from niche to mainstream, where the ideas of pioneers are being picked up by major players in the food industry. Companies are starting to see the business opportunities and want to have their share in this fast-growing market”, says Willemsen. “A very promising and exciting stage in the protein-transition process.”

Meet us @ Food Valley Expo
Join the Green Proteins Session, 13 October, in the afternoon.