Seeking partners for personalized nutrition and health | 13 Oct

New technology is bringing personalized nutrition within reach. “There are so many options to monitor your own health these days,” says Nard Clabbers, Senior Business Developer, Personalized Nutrition and Health at TNO.

“Just think of heart rate monitors or pedometers. The data you collect about your body enables you to adjust your diet to your own physical needs. If the personalized nutritional advice you get also takes into account your psychosocial needs, you’re more likely to stick with it. And that’s good for your health.”

New project
At the 2015 Food Valley Expo, Clabbers will present the Personalized Nutrition and Health project soon to be launched by TNO and WUR. The project is a response to the growing interest in health that coincides with a growing supply of unhealthy food products. The underlying idea: consumers who receive tailored dietary advice can make healthier choices. Personalized Nutrition and Health is a collaborative effort by various businesses and research institutes.

“If you know how physically active someone is, you can link that knowledge to their nutritional needs,” explains Clabbers. “In this new system, consumers can get truly custom-made, personal advice. Mind you, the consumers’ personal data are protected. No one can access or use those.”

Partners welcome
The project consortium has room for additional partners and welcomes (financial) contributions from food industry and health technology businesses, but also from health coaches, dieticians, caterers, IT developers and other entrepreneurs.

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