Taste & Try @Holland Food Valley Tasting house | 13 Oct

Allow us to entice and inspire you with exciting dishes and the latest innovations in technology, ingredients and products. Meet the entrepreneurs behind these innovations and prepare your taste buds for a culinary experience on the spot. In the Holland Food Valley Tasting House, innovative entrepreneurs in cooperation with Erik te Velthuis, chef at Topsport Restaurant Papendal, will prepare and present their remarkable food innovations.

The Holland Food Valley Tasting House offers innovative companies a beautiful way to bring their new technologies, ingredients and products to the attention of an international audience. The cooperation with the Topsport Restaurant’s chef not only results in surprising and delicious recipes, but also brings a wealth of scientific nutritional knowledge to food innovation.

Some of the amazing innovations at a glance:

Did you ever taste a smoothie on your sandwich or with your venison? Be surprised by Yespers no nonsense fresh fruit and vegetable spreads, full of delicious flavor.
Looking for a nice and creamy country pâté containing less fat and calories? Meatless® vegetable fibers help reducing fat and calories without loss of quality or taste. Tasting Meatless Pate
Is it possible? A new way of food preparation, at low temperature and with low energy use, less salt and fat, preserving original taste and structure? IXL Netherlands demonstrates it is indeed possible with e-cooking®.
Reducing sodium the easy way. AkzoNobel Salt Specialties has developed OneGrain® and challenges you to taste the difference between regular and ‘OneGrain®’ products. Tasting Expo
Feel like an athlete, eat like an athlete. The organic sports bar developed by Topsport Restaurant’s chef Erik. Loaded with fruit, seeds and nuts contributing to the high energy level athletes need to perform at top level. Tasting Reep
Curious about the taste of a quiche prepared with protein from beet leafs? TNO developed a technology to extract this non-allergenic protein from this previously worthless waste stream.   TNO_brie
Algae in a cookie, what does that do for taste? The chlorella algae inside this macaroon are a sustainable source of healthy lipids and vegan protein. TNO can tell you all about the latest innovations in the field of algae as an ingrediënt.  TNO_macroons
Looking for a tasty drink that helps you to perform better? Experience something new and refresh your mind with Konnekt Smartdrinks, a sparkling drink available in three tasty and smart varieties.  Konnekt smartdrinks
A cake that really makes you chew and thus you enjoy it even longer. The organic power cake Biobite in the varieties buckwheat and spelt flour are filled with hazelnuts, almonds, apricots, seeds and dates. Make sure you have a bite! Biobite
 An ambitious snack, the Fryoli developed by Pasta Pura and Topsport Restaurant Papendal. The crispy fried dough is made of organic spelt and barley and filled with chicken, fresh herbs and vegetables in unique flavors of the world. This delicious Fryoli has the ambition to become everyone’s number one fingerfood. Pasta Pura
Purely natural dairy products made at the Wikkerink Dairy farm. The cream cheese is a high-quality product created with passion. Be amazed by the exclusive taste of this cream cheese and experience pure nature. Wikkerink
Chocopops. Have you ever tried crunchy vegetables with a rich layer of dark chocolate? Now’s your chance, ORFI-food invites you to have a bite. The unique combination of extruded green peas and chocolate melts on your tongue. ORFI_popsI
One drink, multiple benefits. Van den Beuken developed a tasty recovery drink based on egg-protein and apple juice. The egg-protein can be beneficial to the elderly and supports people recovering from illness or heavy sport activities. A drink with pure and natural ingredients, nicely flavored. VdBeuken
Vegacrumbs. What to do with the various vegetable side streams? ORFI-food processed carrots, green peas and red beets and more to high-quality crumbs. Perfectly fit to combine with fresh fish or falafel. Enjoy the sustainable, crunchy and tasty products prepared in an oven airfryer. ORFI_crumbs

Make sure you visit the Holland Food Valley Tasting House area and experience what food innovation is about. Don’t miss it!

The Taste & try is made possible by:

W&G Group
Producer of a wide assortment of poultry and venison products.
Dutch Bakery Centre
Knowledge and advisory center for the bakery branch
Sports Centre Papendal
A unique location for product innovation in sports and nutrition.
RijnIJssel Vakschool Wageningen
Actively engaged in training people in a variety of professions.

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