Waterly makes drinking water an experience and an environmental act

Drinking water becomes a special and socially-responsible experience with the dispensers developed by Waterly. Visitors can taste the Waterly drinks at the StartLife Café, where founder Bart Verweijen will share his vision and ambitions. Get to know this innovative entrepreneur in this interview, and meet him at the Food Valley Expo, 13 October.

“I founded Waterly because I was triggered by a paradox: In the Western world we have plenty of clean drinking water available. However, we often prefer to consume sweetened beverages that negatively affect our health and well being. Ironically, in many parts of the world, people simply don’t have access to clean drinking water; millions of people die every year because of this. Waterly taps into these two fundamental issues with a unique concept that stimulates a healthy lifestyle ‘here’ and makes clean drinking water available ‘there’.

From strawberry to cucumber
Our ideas led us to develop a dispenser that supplies chilled water blended with small precision doses of fresh fruit and herb juices. The prototype of the dispensing unit will be launched onto the market within a year (depending on financing). It has a touchscreen and is connected to the Waterly app, through which we inform our users about the social goals supported by our company.

Everybody happy
We offer a product that makes everybody happy: our users who drink healthy and tasty water from our dispensers; our customers – offices & health centers – who show that they are socially responsible and stimulate a healthy lifestyle; and the people in developing countries who benefit from the drinking water projects that Waterly supports.

Food Valley Expo
I am happy to be able to present at the Food Valley Expo, 13 October and to discuss our innovation at the StartLife Cafe; I am sure it will be a valuable platform to tell the world about Waterly.”